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Friday, May 13, 2011

Turkey to Greece

Somehow the three flights and 20 hours of travel (7 or 8 of which was wandering around Frankfurt and Istanbul airports), we were freakin exhausted! We stumbled into Bodrum and stayed at Hotel Gulec for a few nights while we kicked around Bodrum. Efes beer, Turkish tea, coffee, and cakes. We spent time sprawled on the beach trying to adjust to the time change, and planning ahead for where we are going next (hint, Greece). In reality we felt less passionate about Turkey this time around, maybe because we spend an amazing week in Istanbul last year, and Bodrum just did not stand up to Istanbul.

Bodrum Seaside
We also ventured up into the hills/mountains around town for a trail run and an attempted to find a crumbled castle. We went out of town, found a dirt road, and started uphill to what must have passed for Turkish hillbilly's. In the US hillbilly's have burned out cars in their yards, in Turkey they seem to have broken household items like old bathtubs and toilets. As always on these types of self guided trail adventures, we picked up some local stray animal buddies.

Either way, Bodrum was beautiful, the Mediterranean, calls to prayer, citrus trees, and a amazing harbor full of gorgeous boats. The best of Turkey is always watching the old men play back gammon (or the Turkish equivalent of the game) at restaurants on the docks drinking tea, this is even better when you have a group of swashbuckling old sailors wearing captains hats that move a table form the restaurant to the other side of the street to be by their boats, and insist on being served there. On a funny side note at the same restaurant, a brit who overindulged the night before projectile vomited right next to us. Lets just say we had to do laundry after the second day of traveling.

Nonetheless, we are off to Rhodes Island via Kos Island for a few days on the sea in Lindos Rhodes Island.

Bodrum Harbor

Bodrum Mosque

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Ron said...

Those are interesting pictures and information. Hope all is OK. The weather looks good. Today, May 15th is raining and cool in Michigan. Love Mom