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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Coming soon, we just have to write the silly thing. In the interim just focus on this little mystical beauty!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Year (plus a little more) of Surfing

October last year to October this year was a year of constant surf oriented travel. We have focused on traveling to warmer climates and surfing destinations, trying to simplify the efforts so we can maximize time in warmth surfing rather than carting junk around and coordinating travel.
We started with Kalon Surf near Dominical Costa Rica in December to refine our skills, it paid off. First of all the place does everything for you, all you have to do is wake up in the morning and get in the jeep to head to the beach. Coffee, beans and rice, fruits, sunscreen, and you are ready to go. You spend most of the day in the water, then sack out the rest of the day drinking Imperial by the pool, oh yeah, they throw in monkeys too.
I love the jungle, every single thing about it. The smell, the foreign plants and animals, the sounds at 5 AM in the morning. Things smell and taste different in Central America, in a good way.
Of the many benefits to where we live is access to everything, really fast. We have local waves, and there are awesome days. Then there is access to everything else, a four hour flight to San Diego or LA, a little over four to the Caribbean, five to six direct to various Latin America countries. 

An amazing and easy to access place is Rincon, a surf oasis with Dominican beer that is surprisingly good. Rincon is a weird place in Puerto Rico, part the Latin American feel, but part overrun by mainlanders wanting to establish their new surf outpost, and the locals are far better surfers than the gringos. We stayed with the awesome folks at Dos Angeles del Mar, who run an awesome guesthouse with an amazing pool set among a diverse home gown palm forest/garden. The place is great, and there is also a couple who runs a surf school that lives in the next house over (who also run a guesthouse) and rent surfboards. Just a short drive away and on the way to Maria's break for surfing and snorkeling is Banana Dang, which we were addicted to for smoothies and coffee. I bought a sticker and stuck it on my snowboard. Take it all pre travel with the amazing pics at the Rincon Surf Report.

SoCal is also picture perfect with amazing surf, sun, GF baked goods, coffee, friends, and tacos. 

The doctor is always in.

Lake surf early spring, fall, and winter with suites of armor, below is a beautiful sunny slide sesh.
On the flat days, hit some flat water surf
And when you get your brand new board, be sure to ding it before it even gets wet.
In Santa Barbara and at Rincon Point, a convertible is a must

And of course million dollar cliffside ocean views are included with each trip.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Fresh snow, direct flight, rocky mountains, retro inn?

There is a tranquility to mountain towns sometimes best left untouched by tourist resorts that transform a town and make it look like a village people mountain town. At the same time we do not live in the mountains but want to go, so I am in selfish favor of certain towns having direct flights to semi tainted towns to cater to our needs. Aspen did just that.

Yes yes, there are the trixy divas who get confused and board the wrong airplane, there are exponentially more private jet flights than commercial, and sightings of Sir Richard Brandson, but at the same time strangely down to earth.

The snow was alright too, I think we will go back, and this might be our new ski destination.