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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slowing down life in a land of goats

Life in Lindos, as you may have deduced from previous posts, was amazing. A sleepy Greek sea side town built into a cove, hidden when you drive along the road so that you only see water and could easily miss the town. Lindos felt incredibly relaxed, but at first was almost too relaxed, too chilled out for what I am used to. I felt as if I needed some sort of annoyance, excitement, something crazy to happen, something sort of uncomfortable that I am used to experiencing. Alas nothing, the biggest annoyance ended up being the all to healthy family of stray cats that lounged around the grounds of our little inn (Chrysa Studios).

Sunrise in Lindos, our trail runs along the crest to the left side, the tomb is the little dot at the top
Lindos, and Rhodes as a whole, feels like someone put Scotland in the middle of the Mediterranean and gave it 80s and sunny every day. Among walking the narrow streets, finding little markets, coffee/bar lounges, restaurants hidden away in the town, the beach is absolutely amazing, and a short walk from town holds a near unlimited numbers of rocky trails along the coast to ancient ruins through pastures of grazing sheep and wild goats.

Trail run to a 2000+ year old tomb overlooking the sea, Nicolette is modeling her Dirty Girl Gaiters

Wake up, have breakfast, walk down have a coffee, lounge at the beach, eat lunch, beach lounge more, trail run along the cliffside, stop at the market, have a beer on the patio waiting for the sunset, eat dinner, play euchre, repeat. I am not sure if I could continually repeating this pattern indefinitely, but I could certainly handle doing this for a long period of time.

A few other notes and thoughts. On our first run to the tomb, we walked up fascinated but the age and the grandeur of the structure. As we were starring at the little opening to the inside of the tomb, out pops a man with long red hair wearing a Metallica t-shirt. We started chatting with him, and funny enough he is a historian who was teaching in Sofia, so we ended up getting an impromptu history lesson on Sofia.

Another note, most people I know often compare me to goats. Nicolette always calls me a goat because I tend to eat all of the leftover straps as not to waste food, and we usually have no trouble keeping a clean fridge as I always eat all the food. Nicolette jokes that she is going to put tennis balls on my horns one day. I also reminisce of my dad and grandpa having a saying that I or someone 'smell like a goat,' and I have been poked many times by others during the summer on my conservative approach to bathing. Well, after 4 days in Lindos, I did not use the shower once! Now that sounds gross, but I spent quite a bit of time rolling around in the sea, so I was very well presentable and scrubbed down. In Lindos, this sort of goes, nonetheless as we were on our runs we past by many goats, and Nicolette pointed out that I finally found my brethren.

My goats and me


Running Lindos
Lovin' Lindos
Lindos Harbor


Ron said...

Really like Lindos Harbor. May end up being a background on my confuser.

L. and J. said...

Really, you are like a goat? Nah, not the way you describe the scenery. I would rather say "poet".

Jason Vander Meer said...

Yes, Lindos harbor is nice, we have some more pictures on the way from Vis Croatia that are just as stunning.

Also, why can a goat not be a goat and a poet?