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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missed Opportunities

I had this thought of a photo from Greece in my mind. An old woman with white hear wearing a dark skirt and a blouse (I picture my grandma), walking up old steep stone steeps surrounded by old walls and doors. The walkway seems treacherous, but is old and beautiful and the woman does the walk every day. She just came from the store to get something, in my mind it is flowers for her home. She slowly walks and makes her way up, it is part of her everyday life and she would have it no other way.

Today I saw that shot, this exact shot, the same grandma like figure, carrying flowers, slowly walking up old stone steps in a near ancient city from the store to her house. The shot I had envisioned many times. Perfect.

I did not have my camera.

Damn, of all the times.

I take a deep breath and think maybe someday the world will realign and I will have the shot again.

The funny piece of irony to this story, is as the woman slowly walks up the steps, Nicolette and I follow. At the top of the steps she turns towards a set of trash cans with a dozen or so local cats feasting on the goodies. She swings the bundle of flowers back and tosses the flowers at the trash, the cats scatter, she gives a grumble to the cats, and walks home. The flowers were actually a bag full of weeds from her garden.

A few days later I did end up with a comparable picture, not perfect, but it will do.


Ron said...

HI, See the picture of the old woman carrying some bag. What have you been doing? Love Mom

l. and J. said...

Beautiful shot, exquisite setting. Wish we were there too. Love you!