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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Less than two weeks to go, and we are ready. Most of our apartment is packed with non-essential items in boxes and personalized apartment tweaks (light fixtures, shower head) taken down. Our blah furniture is sold and our antique art glass is carefully wrapped in expensive U-Haul bubble wrap. Travel-wise, gear has been purchased, running shoes packed, and most of our flights booked.

The next week or so will undoubtedly be filled with sad goodbyes and dreams of what will come, along with the antsy feeling of just getting the move over with. Pretty sure we will survive off thai take out while living amongst cardboard boxes!

What do our plans look like? We are trying to be spontaneous with our first stop in Bodrum Turkey on 5/9. Much beyond Bodrum the plan is pretty loose where the only other solid travel plans are a flight out of Budapest, then heading to Pucon Chile on 7/1 to hit up ski season in the Andes (what more could we wish for?).

What an amazing feeling to be here now! We have had the itch for adventure and extensive travel forever and even more so since a stalled Tokyo relocation back in 2007 (damn you Lehman Bros!). Finally, here we stand, ready to head out for eight months of wanderlust!

Feelings and thoughts? We are vaccinated, so no more sore arms. Our travel finances are in-line and jobs have been quit. So what is left but to be excited, dream, and realize the experience of a verdant Aegean and Adriatic coast where we will feast on local seafood and partake in the ritual of drinking Turkish spirits and beer.

The countdown has begun...


Ben said...

I will be with you in heart and spirit all the way. What a courageous enriching and delicious move! You two are my new heroes.

For your interest; I'm joining the El Qaeda training program. So I'll be in the area. I can't tell you where but, if you agree to a 8 hour ride with black sacks over your head, we could meet up. It would be fun!

Love you both so much,

Sanem said...

So excited for you guys and look forward to following your adventures on the blog.