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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making the Goal: A Guide to the Art of Travel Finances

Part of the reason Jason and I started this blog is to add fuel to the fire of the growing number of travel resources out there. We did lots of research for our travels and one of the first searches I conducted was for spreadsheets / budgets of past travelers and their adventures. At first there was not much information on the web, but as we continued to build our plans and scheme ways to save money, we found more and more websites that discuss travel finances:
But, we want to contribute more. How much will it actually cost us to take this trip?

The thing is, we plan to budget travel, but still stay in private rooms... Although, we probably could travel for less money, we would like to eat out at fun places and splurge for a Mendoza winery tour or Spanish classes in Buenos Aires... All in all, we think we can do this for about $90 a day (not inclusive of transportation).

We have budgeted for about 8 months of travel. The budget includes monthly expenses such as health insurance, car insurance, and school loan payments. It also includes our flight to South America (does not include our tickets to Turkey for the first leg of our trip), all public transportation, extra fun stuff, a week long splurge to stay in a nicer hotel while in Greece, visas (a splurge in itself in SA - yikes!), and our $85 to $100 a day budget (food, lodging, site seeing) depending on the country. Three of those months we will help out at a hostel in Chile in exchange for food and lodging - cutting our costs significantly.

I am using this forum as a public announcement that I promise to keep track of our expenses (weekly) and let readers know the cost of travel. At the end of our travels I will let you know how much we ended spending and if we were able to stay within our budget (keep those fingers crossed).

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