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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Foggy Santa Monica with Croissants

Yeah feel the sunshine over southern Nevada, the four and a half our flight to LAX to chill in Santa Monica for the weekend was worth it. Having a change in scenery, being sandy by the ocean, eating a bag full of croissants from Urth while watching surfers, seeing Trip/Mirabai/Amadi in Venice, all in 48 hours, worth it.

My Mom said I look like I am in the mafia

The So Cal taco selection around LA? Not so much, Santa Monica could have done better, but Holy Guacamole did just fine.

I will be better prepared next time to get my act together and rent a board and wetsuit, but I did not feel like jumping into the cold sea water with an off shore breeze and low fog after cycling on the lake shore all winter. I need more sun to commit, I just did not feel like being cold, I have been cold too much :).
Cover the Night, it happened, we saw it happening

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