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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Miami in January, is nice and warm, bright and sunny, tasty and salty, delightful and indulgent. Good food bad food, expensive drinks, gratuity included, double tipping, Russian pizza joints, and a Russian rapper named Timati.
Beachside Cabana, Salty Seaside Shinny Legged Sunbathing
Oysters and wine, sun and Tecate, late flights and rebooking, talk of Tel Aviv to Tokyo. What more can I say, we escaped a brutal winter storm in Chicago to lounge beach and poolside in Miami for four nights. Totally worth every moment and every penny.

Afternoon Fish Tacos and Tecate
On another note right before we left I saw the Ting Tings are coming to Chicago in April, so we grabbed cheap tickets for the Metro. Below is one of my favorite live TT performances at Glastonbury.

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