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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N' Roses cover band enter here)

There are a few things in life that freak me out - one of them is the jungle. Yes, the jungle. I mean where else are there so many species of flora and fauna in one place. And its the type of flora and fauna that want to eat me or bite me or suck the life out of me (remember Little Shop of Horrors?). But Iguazu Falls in Argentina is also one of the most awe inspiring places on earth and so a little jungle funkification was worth it.
Mmmm... Daiquiri
Jason and I never took a "real" honeymoon so when we splurge on places we call it a mini-moon as justification for our splurge. Thus, we decided to take a little mini-moon for two nights in Iguazu and live it up at La Cantera Jungle Lodge. The lodge was totally worth the splurge if only for the infinity pool and fresh made pineapple daiquiris. At this point I have to make another movie reference... Remember the lodge in Dirty Dancing and how everyone ate dinner together and there were staged shows during dinner. This place was exactly like that. I kept referencing the movie to Jason because I got such a kick out of it all - all these pasty white people clapping their hands to singing and dancing Argentines in funny little hats and costumes (oh the hilarity of the situation!).
Awe, cute honeymooners
After massive amounts of meat from the asado put on by the lodge we were full, a bit tipsy, and easily fell into a good nights sleep to ready ourselves for what promised to be a most ethereal moment at the falls. Iguazu Falls did not disappoint. We arrived at the falls pretty early so we could spend the whole day amidst the natural glory offered by the flowing water. And what glory! Apparently rain had been falling consistently in Brazil where the river to the falls began and even more water than normal was flowing over the craggy rock forms. There was very little greenery on the falls when we visited simply because the falls were more raucous than ever.
Lower Circuit of Iguazu where Jason is parting the waters of the second largest waterfall in the world
1,700 cubic meters of water flows over the falls annually
The only downfall was we could not make it all the way out to one of the more interesting falls called Garganta del Diablo or Devil's Throat. We were stopped short about three quarters of the way to the end of the catwalk built over the river. It was too bad because Devil's Throat is a huge crevasse in the river where water just pours forth into a frothy oblivion. It would have been pretty amazing to witness.
Sad to miss Garganta del Diablo
One other attraction was also closed, St. Martin Isle. The Island would have been rad and one of our friends even said it was the best part of the falls, alas we did not get to visit it. But we did get to view the falls with massive, I mean massive amounts of angry churning water flowing over them and it was intense!
Rainbow and Foam
Look at the force
We did get to hike the upper and lower levels of the falls, joke around on the trails, and we viewed a bit of wildlife like monkeys, annoying raccoon like animals called Coatis, a slew of brilliant birds, butterflies, and even bats! It was a wonderful choice to make the stop in Iguazu and seek out a little jungle.
Jason and his sewn-up Kuhls - he has a colorful bum

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l. and J. said...

At least we know you have not been bitten, or even eaten up in the jungle. You are "safe" in the fine big huge city.
Oh, but it was gorgeous wan't it!!!