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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buenos Aires, the end of the line for South America

Here we are, the end of the road on our big loop through South America, and I can tell you right now we will be back. There is so much to see, everything is so unique, so different, and you need lots of time to see it all because this place is huge both geographically and personality wise. But even it we had the time now, I think we need to move on to a different continent to see something new for a bit and come back later with a fresh palate.

Nonetheless, we have been in Buenos Aires two weeks shuffling around the city, poking around in museums, enjoying the free admission to view, and actually really learning how to appreciate the impressionist works of Monet, Degas, Renoir, Manet, and Sisely.

Also, after weeks of pasta, white bread, strange bland Asianish vegetarian eateries, and too much asado, we were able to find a nice apartment in the Palermo district and fill ourselves on spicy Asian food from Sudestada and really good flavorful vegetarian food from Bio.

Alas, the sightseeing became old, and we soon turned to the friendly confines of our neighborhood to hang out with the surprising number of friends who live here (Tom, Gaby, and Miguel), sit by our rooftop pool to read, eat more, run, and lounge throughout the day. If you asked me what we did and saw in Buenos Aires, I will not be able to tell you much, but the time in Buenos Aires was a time to experience a wild South American city that is sort of Latin American, sort of Eastern European, and sort of bustling big city. A strange place that allured us in for two weeks, to which we gracefully and lazily passed the time sipping maté, and slogging bottles of Warsteiner beer.
Spanning Avenida 9 de Julio
What? There is something on my head?!?!? 
Gazing across Buenos Aires from our pool

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