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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Japanese Flare

Would you believe, there is a large Japanese population in Chile? I mean, why not, just like the US, Japan is right across the Pacific so immigration is bound to happen. Japanese numbered less than 1000 in Chile pre WW2, with a large influx of Japanese after WW2, now most of these Japanese only speak Spanish, wild huh? With all of the fresh seafood, you can find some mean nigiri. So here we are, two days in Santiago Chile, and we gorged ourselves on Japanese food two days in a row. Santiago even looks, feels, and smells like Tokyo, crazy!

Sushi bar!
Do not get between a woman and her ramen on a chilly day
Santiago blessed us with all that she had to offer. Amazing walks, a mild winter, abundant humming birds, Simón Bolívar monuments (see the pic below, that one is for you Mike!), a free afternoon viewing the the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) which was damaged during the 2010 earthquake and is still under repair, and a walk through the central market. With all of that, the people bend over backwards to be extremely nice and helpful, making us feel very much at home here.

Inside the MAC

The damaged side of the MAC
Humming bird, hard to get on camera!
View from the top of Santa Lucia
Simón Bolívar monument
Look Mom, chicken feet!
Pork parts and head cheese
Central Market


L. and J. said...

oh man, hummingbirds! And gorgeous art. And Japanese food (which Nicolette is "crazy" about).
Love you!

Ben said...

The center of the Universe is not USA. Surely you're discovering that on your travels. Wow, the world looks rich there! Enjoy yourselves to the fullest! I'm with you in Spirit.
To both of you....much love!!

Jason Vander Meer said...

Yes, the hummingbirds are amazing, so hard to photograph!

And Ben, we are the center of the USAinverse, everywhere we go we tower over others and everything revolves around us! :)