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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hasta Luego Patagonia, for now

8:45 AM here is San Martin, and we catch a bus to Mendoza in about an hour. Today we leave the wonder confines of San Martin nestled is a valley of towering mountains due to, rain. Yesterday the ski area was closed, and most of the side country trails were slush and nasty hard packed snow. So rather than wait out more snow (which the forecast calls for mare rain this week before snow), we will head north to warmer weather and wait for the winter to get its act together.

We will watch for the next big snow dump at Las LeƱas, then head up from Mendoza. While we wait, we take Spanish immersion courses and learn Mendoza wine culture.

That is all for now, more later on our recap of San Martin de los Andes!

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