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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Travel Snaffoos

Forgetting to have cash at a remote Chile/Argentine mountain border, not knowing if Argentina was going to charge us a $150 USD entrance fee.

Changing $400 USD at the Venice airport and not even thinking about or asking about the 18% service fee.

Canceling our refundable Air Canada tickets to rebook the flights for a later date, then receiving a receipt stating we would receive a refund of $150 USD. Thinking we just blew nearly $1600 USD called Air Canada in a panic, finding out this was a refund for the upgraded seats, and a full refund would come later.

The Andes mountain pass between Santiago and Mendoza closed dues to snow and having to fly back to Argentina for $800 to make our first spanish class.

Meeting a free range bull while running in the mountains in Patagonia, Nicolette was wearing a red running shirt.

Dropping our Nikon D80 camera, lens first on the concrete ground in Athens.

No snow in Patagonia for the 2011 ski season.

No snow chains while driving to a ski resort in a mountain pass.

Arriving at said ski resort and finding there is too much snow and the resort was closed.

Kepabs okay but falafahl no way (not sure what this means, but it was in my notes on my iphone).

1 comment:

l. and J. said...

Isn't it falala?
The Snaffoos, yes, some of them hard to deal with, but you persevered. Quite a story to tell for you two!!