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Monday, October 24, 2011

The 15th to the 15th

The serene rewards of loner traveling
On September 15 we touched down in Toronto, ending our trip to South America and the current installation of our globe trotting adventures. One month later on October 15th, we found ourselves in a gentle state of relaxation enjoying cooking, coffee time, reading, enjoying the last of the summer weather, and seeing family.

Many know we are restless people and are always look to the next thing. We always want to know what the next exciting adventure is, no matter what the adventure entails. When we left Chicago we did not look back, we slammed shut a chapter of our lives that was burning us on both ends. Beaches and mountains were the only things on our minds.

If you asked us at any point what our plans were after our travels, we would shrug our shoulders and rattle off something along the lines of "some place that is sunny and laid back, maybe my old company will offer me a position in Hong Kong." We spent months evaluating cities for the best place to live and for reasons we defined through process of elimination we found Austin and Chicago were at the top of our list. In reality we did not care, all we wanted to do was get away for a long time.

The last month has been focused on Austin where we have both had plenty of interviews, but we did not feel passionate about any of the opportunities.

Then my old company called me back. After discussing a few opportunities, one that was actually a jack of all tech trades job in Hong Kong and another deal that fell through, I was offered a job running software projects much similar to what I wanted to do in Austin.

So Chicago seems to be calling us back. The deal is we cannot find anywhere perfect right now, and Chicago keeps popping to the top of our list. So back we go! One thing this trip had taught us is the world is big and you can do anything you want if you put some effort into it. Effort is something we are going to have expend everywhere, the only way adventure will happen is if you take the first step towards the adventure.

No matter where we are adventure waits and we will continue to seek out adventure. Plus, we do not travel full time and we need day jobs to finance this stuff.

Chicago offers so many things we love, awesome music, amazing food, a huge city, tons of cultures, but nasty Winters. So what do we do? Travel more to sunny places on the weekends. Eco beach lodge for New Years, Miami in January, San Diego for surf camp, Austin in March, Bali later on? Traveling around the world shows us that traveling in the US is actually incredibly easy and whatever barriers exist seem easy to conquer these days. With that, adventure awaits.

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